Roller Chain Sprockets

Browning® Finished Bore Roller Chain Sprockets are offered in single strand. They have a pitch range of 35-100 and bore range of 3/8” – 2 7/16”.
Browning Type A Steel Plate Roller Chain Sprockets are offered in single strand in pitch range of 25-200.
Browning Type B minimum bore roller chain sprockets are offered in single, double, and triple strand. They are also offered in pitch range of 25-200 and bore range of 1/4” – 8 3/8”.
Browning offers a variety of bushing type sprockets available in single and double strands. Offerings include 35 to 160 pitch range. Bushed type bore ranges are available from ½ inch to 5 inches. Hardened teeth are available up to 30 teeth.
Power Transmission Solutions offers a full complement of standard roller chain. Available options are ¼ inch pitch to 2 inch pitch, and 2 ½ inch pitch with widths ranging from 1 to 8 strands wide.