About Us

About Us: 

Founded in 1859, Foote-Jones manufactures helical, worm gear, shaft mounted, parallel shaft and spiral bevel gear drives for applications such as paper making equipment (measuring 300 feet long), rock crushers, forestry and mining equipment, to name a few.

Since Foote-Jones became part of REGAL-BELOIT CORPORATION in 1990, the company has added several new products. For example, the new Uni-Power™ in-line reducers are designed in double, triple and quad reduction for multiple industrial applications.

The company also offers unique, fast delivery programs on its standard product lines called Fast Foote™. This program has slashed the normal industry lead times by up to eight weeks. By focusing on the customer, Foote-Jones has become the service leader in the industry.

Check our "What's New" section for our latest achievements.

Key Markets: Products:
Pulp and Paper
Stone & Aggregate
Custom Gears
Parallel Shaft Reducers
Concentric Shaft Reducers
Shaft Mount Reducers
Screw Conveyor Drives
Worm Gear Reducers
Helical Worm Gearmotors