Q- Where can I purchase FOOTE-JONES products?

A- FOOTE-JONES products are available through many power transmission distributors located throughout the United States and Canada.

Q- Can FOOTE-JONES match my existing foundation?

A- FOOTE-JONES manufactures units to fit existing foundations, usually with increased load ratings.

Q- Are replacement parts available for old FOOTE-JONES reducers?

A- FOOTE-JONES continues to provide replacement parts for many reducers that are no longer in production.

Q- Can FOOTE-JONES upgrade my existing reducer to transmit more power ?

A- FOOTE-JONES has the capability to provide replacement gearing using the latest materials and heat treatment that in many cases will increase the gearing capacity of the reducer.

Q- Can FOOTE-JONES design and manufacture products for my specific application?

A- FOOTE-JONES designs and manufactures special reducers to match customer requirements.

Q- Can FOOTE-JONES provide a complete motor & reducer package?

A- FOOTE-JONES can provide complete performance matched packages utilizing Marathon or Lincoln motors (subsidiaries of Regal-Beloit Corporation). For more specific motor information refer to www.marathonelectric.com.or www.lincolnmotors.com.

Q- Does FOOTE-JONES have in-house heat treatment and gear grinding capability?

A- FOOTE-JONES has both in-house heat treatment and gear grinding capability that allows us to provide quick deliveries at the highest quality levels.

Q- Does FOOTE-JONES provide reducer rebuild services?

A- FOOTE-JONES provides in-house rebuild services for FOOTE-JONES/ILLINOIS GEAR products. We do not offer rebuild services for competitors' products at this point in time.

Q- I have a question that was not addressed on this page. Where can I get this information?

A- FOOTE-JONES Application Engineers will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our products and services.

Contact us at 1-605-225-0360 or email hubsales@regalbeloit.com