Kop-Flex Products

Kop-Flex® coupling products offer many customized application designs that are engineered the following specifications: • API (American Petroleum Institute) 671 (ISO 10441) • API 610 (ISO 13409) • or your own specifications
KOP-FLEX offers the widest selection of gear coupling products in the industry. Below are our gear coupling offerings. Each type of KOP-FLEX gear coupling provides specific features related to performance, interchangeability and price.
A grid coupling consists of two flanged hubs with slots or grooves in the flanges. These are connected by a serpentine mechanical flexible element.
These couplings are engineered to accommodate a broad range of demanding operating conditions for applications such as: • boiler feed pumps • centrifugal and axial compressors • generator sets • test stands • gas and steam turbines • marine drives
No lubrication and virtually no maintenance.
In today’s drive systems, equipment is designed closer to the actual operating conditions to minimize capital cost. It is becoming increasingly important to provide an overload device to protect the equipment from unexpected shock loads.
Kop-Flex has the unique capability of offering multiple choices of universal joints to suit your application. Our universal joints swing diameter range from 58 mm (2.3 inches) to 1200 mm (48 inches).
Kop-Flex developed greases especially for use as shaft coupling lubricants.Kop-Flex® offers greases with special qualities. Most commercial grease formulations will not ensure adequate performance and are not ideal coupling lubricants.
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