Standard Gear Couplings

The FAST'S® coupling design, with its lifetime all-metal end ring, provides up to 300% greater lubricant capacity. This means that longer periods between relubrication may be scheduled.
Light-to-medium duty applications are handled readily by the Fast’s Model B coupling line, size #1 thru #3 ½. All model B couplings are designed for “1/2 static angular misalignment per flex half.
The Paper Machine (PM) series coupling, offers up to 6 degrees (plus or minus) of misalignment. It is designed for use on modern, high speed paper machine roll drives.
Series H’s are interchangeable by half coupling with competitive coupling design.
Slide Couplings are designed for drive systems that require greater end float or slide than a conventional application.
The WALDRON® gear coupling has been designed with full length tooth engagement. This results in longer life and improved performance.
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