Design Assistance

​​Custom Gear Optimization and Design Assistance
Gear Optimization
At Milwaukee Gear, we can assist our customers with gear optimization. Below is an example of our analysis on a customer’s existing design which ultimately resulted in increased performance and longer life of the gear set.

Figure 1 - 3D Model

Figure 2 - 2D Model Note: mesh is not centered between bearings 

Figure 3 - No Micro Geometry Corrections 

Figure 4 - Load Distribution and intensity without Optimized Micro Geometry 

Figures 1 to 4 are an example where Milwaukee Gear worked with a customer who was not getting satisfactory performance from their existing design.
The customer’s existing design did not call for any micro geometry modifications, the resulting load distribution for non-modified teeth in Figure 4 was causing macro pitting. 

Figure 5 - Optimized Micro Geometry ​

Figure 6 - Shaft Bending causing Mesh Misalignment 

Figure 7 - Load Distribution and Intensity 

In Figure 5, Milwaukee Gear suggested lead and profile modifications based on LVR analysis of the gear train. These suggestions were based on the shaft deflection in Figure 6. ​ After making the suggested micro geometry corrections in Figure 5, the load distribution in Figure 7 eliminated the pitting and increased the performance resulting in longer life without increasing the cost of the gear set.