​Milwaukee Gear's history began in 1918 when Emil G. Borisch and Walter C. Kohls founded the two-man company in a small, downtown Milwaukee one story brick building. They were the company's salesmen, machinists, order clerks and product inspectors. 
  ​​​ ​​
No matter how large or small an order, Borisch and Kohls remained focused on their policy of quality and service. Milwaukee Gear still carries the same traditions as our founding fathers. 

In 1953, our present 180,000 square foot plant was completed in suburban Milwaukee. Reinvestment has been constant, ever broadening the company's capabilities for precision, efficiency and capacity. Today Milwaukee Gear produces helical and spur gears of all types for companies worldwide.
Milwaukee Gear was privately held until February of 2012 when the company was purchased by Regal Beloit Corporation, located in Beloit, WI. 

Regal Beloit (also known as “Regal”) was founded in 1955 . Regal is an international manufacture leader in electrical and mechanical gearboxes. Milwaukee Gear solidifies Regal’s mechanical segment by offering customers a larger scope of gearing solutions. Regal has built a solid foundation by strengthening their enterprise through acquisition and mergers. They have enveloped their corporation with reputable leaders that nourishes their customer base with quality and value offerings. 

Regal was drawn to Milwaukee Gear because of our capability to manufacture critical, highly engineered gears, gearboxes, pinions, and assembly components for leading global OEMs. We continue to invest to expand our capabilities and increase capacity. We have the most advanced machinery and manufacturing capabilities in the industry. 

Milwaukee Gear has always been in front of the competition through capital expenditures in machine technology. 

72H model Gould & Eberhardt Machine 

Hofler 900 Hobber with 80” Between Centers

 Numerical Controlled Shaft Lathe with 13” Swing x 78” Between Centers 

Mori Seiki NL3000 with 80” Bed 

Milwaukee Gear has increased our gear inspection capabilities with state-of-the-art Gleason 1500GMM and 1000GMM gear checkers and other CNC controlled inspection equipment. These instruments incorporate the most advanced coordinate measurement technology in the world and can automatically supply extremely accurate verification of gear tooth topography. Our inspection equipment is a vital part of our competencies to ensure we are shipping a quality product. 

Tool Spindle Machine checking for Spacing & Alignment 

Maag Analytical Gear Checker Machine 

​​​ Gleason 1500GMM Gear Checker Machine