Milwaukee Gear Products

​​Milwaukee Gear Manufactures custom steel gears, pinions and assemblies to OEM market leaders that require helical and spur ground gears to exacting​ specifications with traceability and reliable lead times. We help our customers to be successful with design assistance and process engineering optimization.  Our engineering talent, on site heat treatment capabilities and passion for excellence for over 90 years has earned Milwaukee Gear a sustained customer base.​

Milwaukee Internal Gears are available in spur & helical with milling up to 49 inches. Shapper cutting is available up to 50 inches, gear Grinding up to 78 inches, and broaching up to 80 tons.
See why Milwaukee Double Helical Gears are the best in class. With an array of options and customizations, you are sure to love.
Milwaukee Pinion Assemblies feature pinion lengths to up 80 inches. They are high precision with speeds to 70,000 RPM and quality levels to AGMA Q15/A2/ISO A2.
Milwaukee Pinions are available in lengths up to 80 inches. They feature dynamic balancing, electrical run out compensation, and high precision with speeds to 70,000 RPM.
Milwaukee External Gear Assemblies feature Dynamic Balancing, Static Balancing,Gear Face Angle Grinding, and Quality Levels to AGMA Q15/A2/ISO A2.
Milwaukee External Gears are available with both dynamic balancing and static balancing. Specializing in Carburized and Die Quenched Gears from in house Heat Treatment at Treat All Metals.
Milwaukee High Speed Gearing Bull Gear Assemblies up to 78 inch diameter in a variety of materials and heat treatment options. Pinion Lengths are available up to 80 inches as well as hard chrome plating or thin dense chrome plating options.