Who We Are

Milwaukee Gear Value Proposition

Milwaukee Gear Manufactures custom steel gears, pinions and assemblies to OEM market leaders that require helical and spur ground gears to exacting specifications with traceability and reliable lead times. We help our customers to be successful with design assistance and process engineering optimization. Our engineering talent, on site heat treatment capabilities and passion for excellence for ove​r 90 years has earned Milwaukee Gear a sustained customer base. 

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Operational Excellence Milwaukee

Gear maintains a long history of successful Continuous Improvement projects that embraces employee involvement utilizing Lean, 6-Sigma, and Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) methodologies. These efforts have had dramatic effects on team building and culture change that resulted in Lead-Time Reductions, Quality, and Cost Improvements. Milwaukee Gear’s commitment to long term Continuous Improvement can best be demonstrated by visiting our facility. 

Knowledge Base

We have been manufacturing gears since 1918 and gear tooth grinding since 1973. We have built strong relationships with market leading OEMs working together to improve their product lines. We always look forward to the next challenge of manufacturing new part numbers for our customers. 

Engineering Design Assistance 

We provide our customers gear optimization for performance and manufacturability. Please reference the design assistance page for an example of how we assisted one of our customers to increase the life of an existing gear and pinion design without increasing the cost. 

Supply Chain Management

Our team works closely with our key material and outside service suppliers. Our goal is to provide 100% customer satisfaction through efficient and cost effective flow of raw and finished goods through our supply chain. We work with our customers and our supply chain to offer lead time reductions and reduce inventory exposure. 

Technology Investments 

In the 2011 and 2012, Milwaukee Gear purchased 13 new machines and spent over $15 million increasing our capacity and capabilities. Our new capabilities offer form grinding internal ring gears up to 78” in diameter. We extended our pinion capability up to 80” in length. Lastly, we added face angle grinding capability required for the larger gears used in the centrifugal compressor market. 

Precision & Quality Reliability

 Conforming to our customer’s quality specifications is not taken lightly at Milwaukee Gear. Our robust systems and procedures allow us to repeatedly manufacture AGMA Q13 high speed pinions that require electrical run out compensation for the centrifugal compressor market with speeds up to 70,000 RPM. 

Delivery Reliability

 Our top goal is to provide all customers with the highest delivery reliability as possible that is free of any type of errors. We work very hard to meet the dates we promise to our customers. We also work with our customers to develop programs that meet their production schedules. 

Lean Initiatives

At Milwaukee Gear we utilize tools from Lean Six Sigma to Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM). We partner with our customers to meet their stringent requirements on quality, delivery and price. As proven with the following two examples. We have a customer that has over 100 different gear set combinations in their product family. With our implementation of the QRM methodology, we offer a 3 ½ week delivery on any one of the different gear sets. A gear set consist of a carburized and gear ground bull gear and pinion.
​ We partnered with another customer by offering a 12 week delivery on a gear set consisting of 13 unique part numbers to help them meet their customers’ requirements and reduce the amount of inventory required to support their product family.