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HVAC equipment manufacturers are producing products that operate at higher speeds and with smaller footprints than ever before. ​In order to meet demanding HVAC application, manufacturers require high performance components. These come in the most compact envelope, free of noise and vibration.

​EDGE® product selection program provides the lowest cost, engineered belt drive solution based on the need of the customer. These solutions can be ordered piece by piece or packaged in convenient kits to be delivered just in time.

Building owners, facility managers and HVAC contractors are looking for ways to reduce operating expenses. This has led them to energy responsibility initiatives that maximize efficiency.

The Browning® SAVE THE GREEN® product program provides building owners, facility managers, and HVAC Contractors with a simple, three-step program that can show dramatic energy savings. This is achieved through more efficient operation of fans/blowers in HVAC units and air handlers.

Building owners and facility managers are looking for ways to save money. Some of these methods are by maximizing equipment life and reducing replacement/operational costs.

Browning High Performance Belt Drive and Bearing products are crafted with exclusive features specific to HVAC applications. Our products combined with EDGE selection and our Save the Green program give our customers dependable solutions that can reduce the total cost of ownership.

HVAC Industry Products

The Browning line offers an extensive V-drive line. This means maximum economy, versatility, and prompt availability for many applications. It is truly the right drive every time!

Standard Gearbelt® Drives, High Performance Timing Drives, and "New" Browning HPT® Chain

Our broad offering of Mounted Ball and Roller Bearings provide our customers with the best product to meet HVAC applications.

Our shaft coupling offering provides our customers with a one stop shop for your coupling needs

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