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Aggregate Industry Solutions
Reliability: ​With more stress to maximize production, facilities are more focused than ever on equipment performance.
Power Transmissio​n Solutions offers solutions from a broad line of products designed with increased uptime in mind.
Reduced Maintenance: The Aggregate & Cement Industry looks for solutions to minimize maintenance time.
Power Transmission Solutions  is your resource to provide products that utilize years of sealing expertise to reduce down equipment.
Ease of Installation: ​ The Aggregate Industry looks for product alternatives that can be easily installed and disassembled without creating significant downtime.
Power Transmission Solutions has developed innovative locking technology to assist with install​ation and disassembly of bearing and gearing products.

Aggregate Industry Products

Superior sealing and patented bushing systems.
Latest v-belt technology with patented bushing systems.
Available in a variety of housing styles, sizes and locking styles.
High performance mounted ball bearing with many industry leading features.
Aggregate duty sealing for optimal performance, 1 7/16 to 8 inch bore.
Designed to provide for heavy loads, shaft misalignment and deflection.
Both lubricated and non-lubricated solutions developed specifically for bulk handling with years of proven performance.
Jaure® couplings for heavy duty applications, such as the cement industry, have a long history of running in mill drives (Ball, SAG), such as:• MT gear • LAMIDISC® • disc pack • RECORD® grid 

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Aggregate and Cement Industry Events


Aggregates Academy & Expo -and- World of Asphalt joint conference

February 12-14, 2019

Indianapolis, IN

Booth: 35117

Regal brands at conference: Sealmaster, Durst, Life Cycle, Browning

Regal products at conference: Bearings, Components, Gearing, Life Cycle

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Aggregate Interactive

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LifeCycle Engineering Services Unveiled

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