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General: Global demands for increased food supplies and water conservation are combining to fuel the need for Mechanized Irrigation Systems. This electrically driven method is highly efficient. This achieves increases in crop yield/acre while using the lowest volume of water.

Power Transmission Solutions produces a wide variety of centerdrive gearmotors, that are dual rated for 50Hz/380V and 60 Hz/460V power. They can meet the different demands for most crop types and climate conditions for either linear or circular pivot systems.

Reliability: Mechanized Irrigation Systems require all components to deliver years of service. Despite the adverse extremes of ambient climates and water quality encountered, reliability is our objective. Today this also includes pesticides, ​wetting agents, animal waste and fertilizers that are distributed in the water within a given system. All these elements are sprayed over each centerdrive gear motor continuously during operation.

Power Transmission Solutions has many years of experience in refining the materials, designs and treatments. This experience has helped them promote long trouble-free duty in all types of irrigation environments. Our centerdrive gearmotors are designed specifically for today's irrigation systems, with features, such as: • CorroGuard™ motor insulation • gear and motor frames of stainless steel and/or aluminum

Ease of Service and Replacement:​​ When a centerdrive gearmotor fails, the whole system shuts down. Repair and/or replacements must be done quickly on site. This helps restore operation and to prevent the adverse effect of insufficient irrigation on the crops.

Power Transmission Solutions has developed a network of distributors and OEM's. They stock complete gearmotors as well as repair modules at locations near you. These inventories include worm and helical gear designs. This local inventory allows End Users access to cost effective options for getting a system up and running quickly.

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This range of worm and helical gearmotors are specifically designed for centerpivot and linear irrigation systems worldwide. Each unit is designed and nameplated for 3/50/380V and 3/60/460V at popular motor powers and RPM’s.

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