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Reliability: Improved machine reliability and reduce "unscheduled" down time.

Jaure® LAMIDISC® disc coupling & Kop-Flex KD®​-42 Floating Shaft Disc couplings are maintenance free and not adversely effected by heat and humidity of modern paper machines.

Reduced Maintenance: Eliminate costly lubrication maintenance and environmental concerns from expelled lubrication.

Jaure® LAMIDISC® disc coupling & Kop-Flex KD Series of disc couplings do not require lubrication. ​They are designed for infinite life.

Dynamic Stability: Improve coupling dynamic stability to reduce bearing failures in pumps or meet the requirements of big refine applications.

Jaure® LAMIDISC® disc coupling & Kop-Flex KD 20 series – spacer disc couplings are manufactured to AGMA 9 balance standard. They do not need to be dynamically balanced.


Pulp and Paper Industry Products

Kop-Flex supplies a complete range of universal joint drive shafts for Swing Roll applications on Paper machines.

Back Pull Out Pump Applications

Jaure LAMIDISC® couplings for dryer, wired turning, press paper…roll drives.

Jaure MT gear coupling customized for refiner applications are on demand dynamically balanced to G1.0.

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