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Solutions Providers: A range of products is not enough anymore. The market demands Complete Engineered Solutions including service.

Torsional stiff, flexible elastic and highly elastic couplings offered together with other drive components allow Jaure® to provide complete solutions for Testing Rigs. Our company also develops complete "Turn-Key" projects for test stands. These are intended for the production of power generation products in the Wind, Marine, Aircraft, Railway and Automotive Industries.

Torque Transmission: Huge torque, force and loads conditions are demanded on testing rigs.

Jaure has more than 50 years of experience in the development and production of gear couplings. With that experience, Jaure has Heavy Duty MT & MTG-HD gear couplings in its range for tough applications. The Jaure gear coupling offers maximum torque capacity due to the larger pitch diameter of the gears. At the same time, it maintains the well-known reliability and safety factors of JAURE® couplings.

Safety Requirements: Our experience is that test benches are finding the following essential for operation: • Peak torque protection • Friendly assembly • Low maintenance

Safety couplings available from Jaure are: 1) Shear Pin type MTB and MTBR gear couplings, 2) JFTL torque limiter and Safeset® (trademark from Voith Turbo) in combination with Jaure flexible couplings, 3) MT gear coupling (grease lubricated), Lamidisc disc coupling, or Ixilflex elastic (maintenance free).

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The Jaure MT range meets the AGMA standard, meaning that the MT coupling sleeves and drilled holes will fit any AGMA coupling halves. This ensures the interchangeability by coupling halves.

The Jaure IXILFLEX® flexible coupling was first introduced in wind turbines. Inroads have been made into marine propulsion, industrial, railway and other specific applications like test benches.

LAMIDISC® couplings discs are made of high-grade stainless steel (AISI-301). This ensures a high strength and high endurance to fatigue. It also ensures resistance to most environmental conditions.

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