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Reliability & Safety: Both product performance and equipment uptime is extremely important in the Turbomachinery Industry.

Turbomachinery equipment companies rely on our custom-design engineering expertise. This ensures a long operating life in demanding applications.

Machine Health Monitoring: Operators of turbomachinery need to continuously monitor the performance trends of their critical equipment.

A single source for coupling applications using the Powerlign Torque Monitoring System.

Service: Manage your assets and critical spares to support facility turnarounds.

Quickly refurbish your turbo couplings at any of our service centers worldwide.

Training: Experienced workers continue to leave the industry, requiring new-employee development.

On-site training and consulting services are available for turbo coupling and torquemeter installation/maintenance.

Turbomachinery Industry Products

The digital Powerlign is a reliable and accurate torquemeter. It replaces the proven, analog Powerlign system that has served the market in the past.
The innovative Kop-Flex® high performance disc coupling design provides a highly reliable, rotating machinery connection. Factory assembly of the disc packs ensures optimum quality and performance and keeps installation time to a minimum.
Kop-Flex has innovated an extremely reliable, maintenance free, diaphragm coupling with over 10 million hours of operation. This patented design has eliminated the failure mode and reliability issue with welded designs currently available in the market.
The resilient coupling is a non-lubricated flexible coupling. It is designed to transmit torque via rubber or urethane element under compression, with dampening or cushion.
KOP-FLEX revolutionized the industry in the early 1950's by pioneering a high performance gear coupling for Turbomachinery. Gear couplings are still the workhorse in hundreds of applications throughout the world.
KHP has both exceptional lubricating and high operating temperature properties. As a general rule, if the coupling is balanced or if very long periods of operation are desired, use KHP.

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Maximizing Turbo Machinery Efficiency using Kop-Flex Torque Monitoring System

Turbomachinery Coupling Catalog

Turbomachinery Coupling Catalog

Turbomachinery Coupling Catalog
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