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Offshore: Wind market is tending from Onshore to Offshore, where reliability, corrosion resistance, turbine monitoring and maintenance free products are required.

Jaure is constantly working to develop new technologies to offer to a worldwide base of customers. These include advanced materials, surface engineering technologies and smart sensoring.

Multi-megawatt Wind Turbines: ;
Up-scaling of wind turbines with bigger powers. Development of reliable wind turbines that produce electricity for the lowest possible cost per Kwh during their lifetime. Coupling life, cost & reliability.

Jaure provides high torque density couplings required for the multi-megawatt turbines.

New Drive Train Design Concepts
Different approaches and trends being developed: Direct Drive, Half Direct Drive and traditional Geared Drive Trains.

Jaure is a specialist gear couplings manufacturer that has encountered to date no limitation in size or torque. A wide range of flexible couplings can be adapted to any given case, including low speed applications.

Wind Power Generation Industry Products

MT compact range for heavy duty.

Jaure LAMIDISC® disc couplings provide a reliable transmission of mechanical power from driving to driven machines. They provide compensation for axial, angular and radial misalignment.

Bidirectional Ixilflex® coupling for high misalignment.

Highly flexible and corrosion free Compolink.

Developed to meet the requirements of some applications to protect drive train from peak torques

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