Power Transmission Solutions in Germany

Couplings, electro motors, bearings and conveyor systems. Germany is an important market for these Regal® manufactured products. Historically, several Regal brands have a strong bond with the German engineering and manufacturing capabilities.

Travelling extensively between the European Regal locations and the US headquarters, we meet Massimiliano Valentino – Vice President Europe – in his Belgian office. Mr. Valentino graduated as Doctor in Electrical Engineering from the University Politecnico di Milano and has embraced the German engineering since his early days. “Germany, home to most premium players in the global automation sector, has become more competitive than it already was. As more OEM’s compete in this market, pressure will be created across the whole value chain. The purchasing functions of the OEM’s will as in the past generate much of this pressure in expectation that the suppliers of all tiers will be able to reduce cost while maintaining or even improving quality by adoption of more efficient manufacturing procedures and logistics efficiency.”

“Regal is ready for the challenge. Innovation is the lifeblood of our business; our products are at the heart of much of the equipment that keeps our world in motion. We strive to produce a constant stream of innovative, value-added products, solutions, and services that provide benefits like improved energy efficiency, variable speed control, embedded intelligence and lower system costs.”

Made in Germany
Being approved by the global leading filling and packaging companies, means you have a solid reputation and know how to work with companies that demand nothing than the best from their suppliers. The foundations of their trust, are in Regal’s corporate values and its history.” Valentino explains: “Flexon was a renowned conveyor chain and belt manufacturer that was acquired by System Plast. Since that day, the production of System Plast® conveyor products has been moved from Italy to Germany; close to the important players in the beverage market. The production capacity increased over the years and 75% has a global destination.”

System Plast® high quality plastic conveyor chains, modular plastic belts and conveying components are well known in the German beverage industry, predominantly in the breweries. This leads us to McGill®, Rollway® and SealMaster® bearings. The latter has the master of mounted bearings with its SealMaster® PN Gold range; many companies striving for sustainability have found an excellent solution in these lubricated for life bearings.

The bearing solutions are applicable in many industries like construction machinery, packing industry, steel industry and harbor crane production. For the European bearing headquarters in Belgium, their neighboring country Germany is vital. There is a broad portfolio of Rollway ISO standard bearings, while the McGill product line is more focused on cam followers, needle bearings and specialty bearings. SealMaster bearings are your solution when you need premium-quality mounted ball and roller bearings.

Davits and windmills
“In the German marine industry, we are well represented with Rotor nl® electro motors and Jaure® couplings,” explains Valentino. “Rotor nl® motors are manufactured for almost every use you can find in a ship: electric drive propellers, electric motors for propulsion and also motors for pumps, winches and auxiliary services. A leading German shipbuilder for Cruiseliners for instance recently constructed 10 cruise ships for a Chinese customer and all davits - manufactured by d-i davit international-hische GmbH, a renowned German supplier of deck equipment - are equipped with Rotor nl motors. Jaure couplings are made with a wide range of technologies. If you have a very powerful jet application or a windmill from 1 up to 10 MW, Jaure couplings are for you.”

Unico® drive products from Wilnsdorf incorporate application specific features and functions not found in general purpose drives. Whether the customer needs to control a simple machine or a complex, multi-axis process line, Unico drive engineering orchestrates everything from the motor shaft to the front-office computer. Each system is tailored to the specific requirements of the application.

Strategic expansion
Massimiliano Valentino concludes: “Regal has been expanding a lot in Europe the last decade. The company did several strategic acquisitions and there was an increased demand for tailor-made solutions in key industries. OEM’s tend to step away from the low-cost solutions since they have realized that the cheapest is always the most expensive in the end. We have a broad range of products, strong engineering skills and a great sense
of entrepreneurship. I’m confident our team is ready for the next decade.”

If you want to learn more about Regal and its presence in Europe or Germany, please contact Steve Quintijn (steve.quintijn@regalbeloit.com) from the Regal marketing department. He will tell you more about Regal’s increasing presence in the vital markets.

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