Regal’s new conveyor products focus on innovation and reliability

New System Plast products maintain leadership in efficiency, noise reduction, hygiene, total cost of ownership, and lubrication reduction​

TELGATE, Italy- October 25, 2016 —Regal Power Transmission Solutions will introduce new System Plast products with a focus on innovation and reliability at Brau Beviale 2016..

A new Nolu-S curve belt design maintains high speed and load performance in dry applications. This innovative design allows the user to replace only the lower cost wear strips so the entire curve upper part can remain intact. Replacement can be accomplished with the curve in position on the conveyor, which drastically reduces downtime and maintenance. The more homogeneous magnetic field results in a quieter chain operation and reduces the risk of stick-slip effects.

System Plast will also exhibit a maintenance-free stainless steel bearing insert that requires no re-greasing. The land riding design ensures that the H1 Food Grade grease is in the ball path and a High Performance (triple) Seal keeps dirt and moisture out.

System Plast’s machined sprockets with set screw bushings and Heavy Duty sprockets and idlers are designed to incur less tooth damage for optimum-wear life. The machined sprockets feature a reduced number of holes, providing better hygiene and easier access, as well as zero nut rotation and optimum absorption of shear forces resulting in increased strength.​

The Heavy Duty sprockets and idlers’ robust design absorbs high forces and allows them to perform well in harsh environments. Dirt is moved away from contact surfaces resulting in longer wear life of chain and sprocket (available with Z12 and 40mm bore). Idler is available with plastic bushings or stainless steel bearings. Belt sprockets and idlers are a very important part of the conveyor system and their proper design and manufacture are critical in creating an efficient conveyor system.

System Plast’s new Roller Flow belts are a lightweight, low backline pressure solution.
The 2120 version offers the shortest transfer possible, smooth product handling of boxes
or trays, and improved safety due to its closed surface. It fits regular conveyor
constructions and runs on standard sprockets making it well suited for the corrugated
and food and beverage industry, as well as logistic and distribution centers and general
material handling.

The innovative Silent Nose Bar offers noise reduction when used at idler side of
conveyor; up to a 5dB reduction compared to conventional nose bars or round shafts. Its
low coefficient of friction, low power consumption and short transfer advantages address
customer issues such as efficiency, noise reduction and cost savings.

The 2253 vacuum belt is specially designed for can making applications. It offers stable,
and even vertical, conveying of empty cans. Hole design provides optimum vacuum
effect and eliminates down cans from the flow. The 2253 offers lower friction, less noise
and dust and higher speed without lubrication.

System Plast™ is focused with a drive towards assisting customers achieve
sustainability while lowering their total cost of ownership; a global leader in high quality
plastic conveyor chains, modular plastic belts, and industry-leading conveying
components. For more information, go to
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