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Enables comparisons between various generations of integral horsepower electric motors

BELOIT, Wis., December 8, 2017 — Regal Beloit Corporation, a leading manufacturer of electric motors, electrical motion controls, power generation and power transmission components, announced it has broadened the capabilities of its Browning® Toolbox Technician® app with the addition of a motor efficiency calculator. The Toolbox Technician app is a free toolset for HVAC contractors and maintenance professionals which features calculation and conversation tools as well as installation and troubleshooting guides.

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) publishes an example in its When to Purchase Premium Efficiency Motors publication (DOE/GO-102012-3743) illustrating that, over a 10-year operating period, for a 75-HP standard efficiency motor, 98% of the cost of ownership is attributed to energy and maintenance cost. The DOE also states in this publication, "Even a small improvement in motor operating efficiency can produce significant energy and cost savings, and provide a rapid return on investment." The new motor efficiency calculator helps users to identify potential energy efficiency gains by allowing user to select operational parameters and automatically displays projected ROI's.

"Recognizing the financial impact that can be realized through energy reductions, this tool will help facility managers, building owners and those tasked with managing energy consumption to identify ways to lower that consumption and save money," said Don Sullivan, Director of Marketing, HVAC and Belt Drives, Regal Beloit America, Inc. "Motor upgrades present a great opportunity to reduce energy, and this calculator will help users compare efficiencies to make informed purchasing decisions."  

The calculator allows users to input the published efficiency from the motor nameplate or to use a default EPAct rating. The app will automatically compare the efficiency of the motor to a NEMA Premium® motor of the same horsepower and display projected annual energy savings. Other adjustable parameters include motor HP, number of units, days of operation per week, hours per day, and expected motor life. By inputting premium efficiency motor cost and adjusting these parameters, users can easily calculate annual cost savings, total cost of ownership and projected payback window.

Regal also added a retrofit audit feature to the Toolbox Technician® app in early 2017. For more information on the Toolbox Technician app and links to the free download, click here.

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