Mounted Ball Bearings

A modular bearing assembly consists of sealed and lubricated inch or metric ball bearings. It is contained within a variety of housings types, locking mechanisms, mounting styles, and housing materials. Mounted ball bearings provide an antifriction solution when supporting rotating shafts with radial loads.

Sealmaster Gold Mounted Ball Bearings are a high performance mounted ball bearing. These ball bearings include many industry leading features resulting the optimal performance for all applications.
Browning Mounted Ball Bearings are available in a variety of sizes, housings, and locking styles. This provides a balance between performance and interchangeability with common designs found in the marketplace.
Sealmaster Material Handling Mounted Ball Bearings offer an optional end cap. This allows customers to comply with OSHA requirements. This is for popular conveyor sizes in a variety of housings and locking styles.
Paver bearings capitalize on well known standard Sealmaster® features. They further advance sealing technology to meet the continuing performance needs of industrial paving equipment.
Sealmaster® PN Gold Mounted Ball Bearings feature a high-performance seal, 316 stainless steel or high strength composite housings, in many housing and locking styles. These are useful for wash down applications where corrosion resistance is critical.
System Plast mounted bearing supports offer good protection during wash-down. They are available in a variety of composite materials and housing styles. They also come with modular accessories to protect the bearing.