Modular Plastic Belts

Our System Plast modular plastic belts have a solid surface that makes them suitable for moving glass and PET bottles. Our modular plastic belts are well suited for these product types with low contact area bases. Features include: easy installation and maintenance, high mechanical strength and wear resistance, no gaps between parallel chains and excellent product handling.

Offering a wide variety of straight and side flexing belts in ½”, 1” and 1 ¼” pitch. Additional straight running belts in ¾” and 2” pitch. Flat Top, flush grid, grip belt, perforated top and LBP styles are available. Standard and special high performance materials are available. Accessories such as nose – bars and side transfer plates are available. Numerous belts are available in American and metric standard widths.

Chain-Belts solve the problem of how to incorporate side flexing needs into a straight running modular belt application. Uses standard TAB style chain tracks or guides. Chain-Belts are designed to have the same height above the wear surface as modular belts and a solid surface that makes them suitable for glass bottles and PET bottles especially those with low contact area bases.

System Plast modular straight running belts have a solid surface. This Surface type, allow these belts to be used in people and similar moving applications.
These belts feature high wear resistance, exceptional durability and hardness, high tensile strength and an excellent surface finish.