System Plast Modular belts with Raised Rib

Our System Plast™ broad raised rib belt offerings provide solutions for a multitude of conveyor applications. The food and beverage industries are examples where System Plast’s belt products excel. System Plast products are engineered to deliver efficient conveyor design.

The System Plast 2500 series has a 2” pitch and offers high strength and great product stability due to the grid design. The standard material is polypropylene, suitable for the temperatures and chemicals commonly used in pasteurizing/heating/cooling. The transfer combs are available in different versions to suit several machine designs and applications. The bolt/slot combination enables the combs to move freely, when they have to follow the belt’s expansion and contraction. Molded sprockets are available in several sizes as well and have a multi-angled shape that fits the underside of the belt, offering the best possible support and traction.​​

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