System Plast Modular belts with rubber top

 System Plast Modular belts with rubber top

Our System Plast rubber top belt offering provides solutions for a multitude of conveyor applications. The food and beverage industries are examples where System Plast belt products excel.  System Plast products are engineered to deliver efficient conveyor design.

Belt materials:
LFG (dark grey) – Low Friction Acetal Resin
This material is commonly used in the market and offers an improved co-efficient of friction. It is also suitable for use in high speed applications.
Rubber material:
TPR (waterblue)
TPR is used for VG chains and belts and for some gripper chains. TPR is a SEBS type rubber, which assures an optimum bonding on the plastic base material.
Pin material:
PBT (white)
                Most commonly used pin material in System Plast™ belts. It is used in all belts made of LFG, XPG, AS and DK acetal material. The combination of these materials offers low noise operation.
Standard length:
Belt width ≤ 340mm (10 ft. - 3.048 m)
Belt width > 340mm (5 ft. - 1.524m)
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