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System Plast™ is one of the world’s leading suppliers of high quality conveyor products including chains, belts, sprockets, Valu Guide™ components and Nolu™ guide rails and wear strips. Our products are designed to help our customers increase their productivity and improve their working environment. System Plast conveying components assists in these areas: efficiency, noise reduction, wash-down maintenance, lubrication reduction and energy conservation. Our product families are very comprehensive, highly engineered from industry expert input, and have provided industry tested solutions for over 25 years.​

Conveyor chains and sprockets are engineered to high quality and performance standards. Molded and machined sprockets and idlers are an important part of the conveyor system.
System Plast modular plastic belts and sprockets offer good solutions for the food and beverage industry packaging lines.
Our ValuTrac™ straight and corner modules are designed to guide side flexing steel and plastic conveyor chains.
Standard material is UHMWPE. Our Nolu®-S material is a patented alloy of UHMW and dry lubricants. This maintains good wear characteristics while significantly reducing the coefficient of friction.
Our conveyor chain return rollers are made from impact resistant material.
Our bead or roller guides and combiners provide excellent problem solutions. Used for areas on a conveying line where products tend to crowd together or jam.
System Plast offers side guide brackets in thermoplastic and stainless steel materials. Designed for swivel or fixed top requirements.
Our extremely versatile range of fixed and articulated leveling feet provide machine support and securing options for almost any industry.
Miscellaneous products consist of a large number of different accessories. These accessories allow for most any conveyor requirements and design needs.
System Plast offers an extremely versatile range of fixed and articulated leveling feet.
System Plast Mounted Bearings offer good protection during wash-down. They are available in a variety of composite materials and housing styles, along with modular accessories to protect the bearing.
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