Miscellaneous Products

Miscellaneous products consist of a large number of different accessories. These accessories allow for most any conveyor requirements and design needs.
These include: Machine guarding, panel clamps, tube joints, mounting profiles, handles, door stops, hinges, door locks, end plugs, ratchet handles, knobs and locking shaft collars.
Valu Guard™ protective enclosures help keep material contained within the machine area, protect product from debris contamination, or can be used to prevent people or items from accidentally entering the machine’s operating space.
Standard and heavy duty hinges available in different designs. Our hinges offer exceptional durability for doors, cabinets, clean-out panels and lift up covers.
Adjusting knobs eliminate the need for tools when repositioning guide rail.
Ratchet Handle replaces fastener for easier adjustment.
Set collars are used to hold idler wheels or various other sprockets in place on a shaft.