Kop-Flex® brand high performance disc, patented diaphragm and gear couplings satisfy a variety of demanding applications such as turbines, compressors, generators and pumps in many industries including petrochemical, refinery, power generation, gas pipeline and LNG.

In addition, Kop-Flex offers the unique POWERLIGN® torque measurement system designed to help optimize output while reducing operating and maintenance cost.

Jaure S.A., is a European leader in the production of flexible couplings and transmission elements. They were formed in 1958. In 2006 they became part of Power Transmission Solutions, partnering with Kop-Flex. This combination provides global solutions for applications requirements in the most demanding sectors of the world couplings market.

Products range from gear, grid, jaw, elastomer, disc, universal joints as well as almost every conceivable engineered or made-to-order coupling you require. Kop-Flex, Browning, Jaure and Morse brand couplings not only offer the most extensive breadth of product available in the industry, but we are also to custom-design and engineer for specific applications. Additionally, we are able to troubleshoot problematic applications by applying the skill and expertise of one of the largest engineering staffs in the industry.

Flexible couplings are used to transmit torque from one shaft to another when the two shafts are slightly misaligned. Flexible couplings can accommodate varying degrees of misalignment.
Transmit torque through a thin, scalloped flexible disc pack.
The Jaure® COMPOLINK® couplings are the result of combining the best features found in steel disc and elastomeric couplings.
No lubrication and virtually no maintenance
Rigid coupling connects to shafts within a motor or a mechanical system.
Jaure develops its products and technologies through innovation, development and continuous product improvement. Kop-Flex offers the broadest range of high performance couplings available in the market today.
Kop-Flex developed greases especially for use as shaft coupling lubricants. Kop-Flex® offers greases with special qualities. Most commercial grease formulations will not ensure adequate performance and are not ideal coupling lubricants.


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