Engineered Coupling Solutions

Jaure develops its products and technologies through innovation, development and continuous product improvement bringing the highest possible value to our customers. We are committed to providing the best solutions to our customers in demanding applications for the wind energy, marine, and general industries. This is demonstrated by our investment in new test benches and resources, while collaborating with other technological centers, suppliers, and universities.

Jaure has built a worldwide virtual network of technical experts. It has also enhanced its new product development roadmap with the phase-gate process.Jaure® has access to new trends and technologies, through a comprehensive in-house and outside network. This includes a worldwide virtual network of dozens of global resources.


Kop-Flex was founded with introduction of the first gear coupling, the FAST'S coupling, in 1918. For years, this technology was adapted for use in demanding performance industries such as: 

 • Steel
• Paper
• Cement
• Petrochemical
• Power Plants

Kop-Flex understood well ahead of others that non-lubricated or reduced maintenance couplings would become the industry preference. The existing flexible disc coupling design has been improved to include the following:

• unique coated disc
• unitized factory-assembled disc packs
• tight tolerances
• high level of balance

Continuing our unmatched record of frequent new product innovations, Kop-Flex has recently introduced:

  • Patented precision POWERLIGN® torque measurement system with accuracy to within ±1%. New all digital system.
  • Patented Ground gear spindle, called CGG used in high load, high impact steel mills
  • Service centers in US and Europe

Kop-Flex has consistently responded to customers' desires for reliable, safe, and maintenance-friendly products. They have done this by applying high levels of engineering and precision for the high speed or high performance markets.

Kop-Flex® coupling products offer many customized application designs that are engineered the following specifications: • API (American Petroleum Institute) 671 (ISO 10441) • API 610 (ISO 13409) • or your own specifications
Our extensive portfolio of drive shafts can meet the needs of any. Our brand names are recognized worldwide in the market.
The digital Powerlign is a reliable and accurate torquemeter. It replaces the proven, analog Powerlign system that has served the market in the past.
When it comes to the wind industry, Jaure® torque limiters offer the following benefits: • more protection • greater strength • more endurance • easy assembly • less maintenance • optimum lifecycle cost
Kop-Flex has the unique capability of offering multiple choices of universal joints to suit your application. Our universal joints swing diameter range from 58 mm (2.3 inches) to 1200 mm (48 inches).