Custom Engineered Couplings

Kop-Flex understood well ahead of others that non-lubricated or reduced maintenance couplings would become the industry preference. The existing flexible disc coupling design has been improved to include the following:

• unique coated disc
• unitized factory-assembled disc packs
• tight tolerances
• high level of balance

Kop-Flex revolutionized the industry in early 1950's by pioneering a high performance gear coupling for Turbomachinery. Gear couplings are still the work horse in hundreds of applications throughout the world.
The innovative Kop-Flex high performance disc coupling design provides a highly reliable, rotating machinery connection. Factory assembly of the disc packs ensures optimum quality and performance and keeps installation time to a minimum.
Kop-Flex has innovated an extremely reliable, maintenance free, diaphragm coupling with over 10 million hours of operation. This patented design has eliminated the failure mode and reliability issue with welded design currently available in the market.
The floating shafting of the KD® coupling series and Gear couplings is designed for medium and heavy duty applications. These require longer shaft separation when the driving and driven shafts are widely separated.
The KD33 coupling is easy to handle, install and maintain. It is designed specifically for cooling tower drives and long span applications.
Non stock spacer couplings primarily used for applications with extended shaft separations
Gear spindles are used in applications ranging from steel mill rolling mills, paper machines, cement mills and grinding mills. Each spindle is custom designed for your application with unparalleled features available in the industry.