Kop-Flex Spindle Couplings

In steel mills, the typical applications for gear spindles are as follows:

• Hot strip
• Bar & rod
• Cold
• Plate
• Steckle
• Temper
• Skin pass

Kop-Flex® gear spindles are available in the widest range of materials and heat treatments available in the industry. We offer a wide range of choices for your unique applications. This allows us to offer unbiased opinions on the best material and heat treatment for your requirements.

In the mid-1990s, Kop-Flex introduced patented carburized and ground gearing (CGG) that has revolutionized the compact strip mill. It has also affected applications with high loads (torque as well as misalignment).

Kop-flex® offers a shear cartridge assembly and shear pin type. Both are to be mounted between the rolling mill stand or gearbox and the driving equipment.
Gear spindles are available in four main configurations in order to solve the most difficult of applications. These include the Steel, Aluminum and Paper industries. They are typically used in the main mill drive.