Drive Shafts

Our extensive portfolio of drive shafts can meet the needs of any. Our brand names are recognized worldwide in the market:

  • JSS steel conventional drive shaft
  • JCFS low weight carbon fiber drive shaft for long spans
  • High electrically insulated JGFS glass fiber drive shaft
Jaure JGFS glass fiber composite drive shafts were first introduced in wind turbines. This was due to the excellent electrical insulation features and lower weight than conventional steel drive shafts.
Jaure® has both solid and hollow steel tube spacers. This accommodates any shaft-to-shaft span between the machines to be coupled.
Jaure® flexible couplings and drive shafts can be integrated on demand with other components, such as: • JHC hydraulic rigid couplings • Bulkhead seals • Break systems
Jaure® is a leading supplier of marine composite drive shafts and couplings. This is due to experience, manufacturing programs and innovation. It is also related to their cooperation with leading international companies in the marine business.