Non-Lubricated Elastomeric Couplings

Largest variety of Elastomer couplings in the market.

No lubrication and virtually no maintenance
Jaure elastomer couplings provide axial, radial and angular flexibility. The MMD and MMG series cover a torque range from 25000 to 630000 Nm. For ratings smaller than 25000, refer to Jauflex™ or RB couplings.
IXILFLEX® is a link type coupling which absorbs misalignment through bushes linked to alternate flanges. These bushes are produced through the vulcanization of rubber to metal parts under high precompression.
No lubrication and virtually no maintenance.
The MORFLEX coupling, a proven winner, can compensate for high angular misalignment and is torsionally flexible. Misalignment working angles range from 1.5 to 10 degrees, making the MORFLEX a unique resilient coupling.