Mechanical CAM Clutches

Morse® Mechanical CAM Clutches use a cam or wedging element to lock the inner and outer races of the clutch. This transmits torque in only one direction. CAM clutches are often referred to as freewheels, sprag, overrunning, backstop or one-way clutches. These clutches are used for three basic modes of operation: Overrunning, Indexing and Backstopping.

Morse CAM clutches set the standard for higher overrunning speeds, greater torque capacities and longer service life. Morse clutches offer one of the most complete offerings in the industry.

The B200/B500 Series Clutches share the same design. A full complement of cams is retained in an outer race. This requires a bearing supported hardened shaft as the inner race. These are primarily used for back stopping applications.
The BR Series Clutch has cams that are designed to lift-off. They have no contact with either the inner or outer race when it overruns. This provides extended overrunning wear life.
The HT Series Clutch was designed primarily for indexing applications. These cam clutches are not symmetrical and therefore must be ordered according to the rotation required in application.
The KK® Series Clutch is a compact cam clutch with built-in bearing support. This unique construction combines a cam clutch with a 6200 Series metric ball bearing for use in applications ranging from exercise equipment to industrial machinery.
The M Series Clutch has a dual ball bearing supported design. It contains high quality steel cams in a cage. They are hardened precision formed and finished.
The MZEU Series Clutch has a dual metric ball bearing supported design with metric bores. It is suitable for overrunning and middle speed backstopping.
The NFS® Series clutch is available in 13 sizes. It's designed with the same overall dimensions as a light metric series ball bearing. The bore of the clutch is metric and must be installed with ball bearing support.
The NSS® Series clutch is available in 12 sizes. It's designed with the same overall dimensions as a light metric series ball bearing.
The PB Series Clutch features precision formed cams providing high torque capacities size-for-size combined with excellent wear life. They have a bronze bearing to maintain race concentricity.