Chain and Sprockets

Power Transmission Solutions offers a full range of pre-stressed roller chain. This includes standard and heavy series, single and multiple strands, and custom conveyor chain with a variety of attachments. We also offer specialty chain, namely HV (high velocity) and SC (silent chain), plus a full complement of accessories.

Shaft ready sprockets are available to solve application problems. Hardened sprockets last twice as long as standard (unhardened) mild steel sprockets. A broad selection of sprocket mounting choices with three types of bushings are also available.

Browning Split Taper® bushings are available in inch, metric and spline bores. Q-D® bushing in 1/16 inch increments and metric sizes. Taper bore utilizes similar configurations as well.

Morse high quality roller chain provides exception value and is manufactured to precision standards utilizing world-class technology.
Morse® offers HV chain for high capacity at high speed. They also offer silent chain to fill the need for smooth, silent drives at slower speeds.
They are made of roller chain type links and riveted pins to utilize maximum strength for given widths. It is used as tension linkage or a lifting device at slow speeds.
Choose from the world's largest selection of high-quality, shaft ready sprockets to solve all your application needs.