Roller Chain

Morse® chain is manufactured to precision standards utilizing world-class technology. The designed-in, built-in quality and manufacturing methods produce Morse brand chains with high horsepower ratings. This allows designs benefiting from a higher service factor and obtaining longer chain/ drive life with reduced maintenance. The quality features of standard roller chain include:

• wide waisted links
• solid rollers
• quad staked rivets

High quality Morse chain is used as foundation for almost an infinite number of attachment chain possibilities.
Morse offers several corrosion resistant roller chain solutions to help customers with challenging applications in harsh environments.
Double pitch roller chain is offered with half as many joints. It is used for lower horsepower, lower speed, and long center distances.
Power Transmission Solutions offers a full complement of standard roller chain. Available options are ¼ inch pitch to 2 inch pitch, and 2 ½ inch pitch with widths ranging from 1 to 8 strands wide.