Power Transmission Solutions provides the appropriate gearbox for a variety of applications. We provide a wide array of gear types, shaft configurations, ratios, housing materials and mounting methods. The Morse® worm gear and Browning® helical gear products provide solutions for many application challenges.

Right angle worm gear and bevel units can be specified for less than 100 inch lbs. of torque to over 132,000 inch lbs. of torque. Helical gear units are offered from 100 inch lbs. to over 500,000 inch lbs. of torque.

Durst has one of the most comprehensive mechanical power transmission product offerings for off-highway, agriculture and material handling equipment in North America.
Milwaukee Gear Manufactures custom steel gears, pinions and assemblies to OEM market leaders that require helical and spur ground gears to exacting specifications with traceability and reliable lead times
​Foote-Jones manufactures the industry's broadest selection of gear products including a complete line of speed reducers, gearmotors, worm/helical reducers, shaft mounts, parallel shaft, right angle gear reducers, custom gearing and engineered specials.​
We offer a broad right angle worm gear reducer line. It ranges from an industry interchange design with modular accessories to cast iron and aluminum designs. It is intended for a wide variety of applications.
Browning shaft mount reducers are enclosed helical gear reducers with a hollow output. They are mounted directly on the input shaft of the driven machine. They're supported by the shaft and torque arm arrangement or motor mount frame.
This is a comprehensive selection of energy-efficient helical-based enclosed gearing available. These come as gearmotors or reducers with a variety of shaft and mounting options. Housing options include in-line, offset and right-angle configurations.
Morse Miter and Browning bevel right angle reducers providing ratio ranges from 1:1 to 3:1 depending on model and brand selected.
This range of worm and helical gearmotors are specifically designed for centerpivot and linear irrigation systems worldwide. Each unit is designed and nameplated for 3/50/380V and 3/60/460V at popular motor powers and RPM’s.
Browning open gearing products including spur, miter, bevel and change gears.


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