Durst Gearing

Perfect to handle heavy loads and transmit engine power smoothly.
"Made-to-order for the most demanding applications. Application support from inception to completion. Designed and manufactured to customer specifications. Advanced design and prototypes available"
Helical, Bevel, Worm and more custom built for your application requirements
Adaptable Zero Offset Direct Drives for a variety of applications
The Durst Lectric Drive is an economical, space-saving alternative for mounting pump drives directly to electric motors. The Lectric Drive is a game changer that makes the conventional C-Face Motor Adaptor and external coupling approach obsolete.
Versatile build options to fit a large variety of applications
Tough and compact to suit a variety of higher load applications
Complete line of direct and gear driven hydraulic pump drives. Durst pump drives run cooler, last longer and are quick and easy to service.
DURST transfer cases are heavy-duty and engineered to meet the rugged operational demands of a wide range of 4WD mobile off-highway applications in construction, agricultural, forestry and mining equipment. Powering both axles and auxiliary equipment
Providing an integrated solutions approach that includes parts, service, troubleshooting and field repair. Supporting some of the largest turbine companies in the US to enable them to provide clean, dependable electric power generation.
Specific designs for low-speed, high-torque, high-efficiency irrigation applications
Rugged and reliable for conventional to unconventional applications