Worm Gearing

Worm gearing is a class of gear reducers that utilizes right angle, non-intersecting shafts. This style of reducer provides smooth and quiet operation and allows for the possibility of large speed reductions. These gears are available from stock in a wide variety of ratios, from as low as 4:1 to as much as 3600:1. The compact design and construction allows worm gear reducers to be placed in a relatively small space. Thus, very high reductions in a limited package size can be achieved with this configuration. Our worm gear features the continuous sliding tooth action between worm and the teeth. This increases the tolerance for heavy loads and shock loads. Worm gear drives offer users high reducing capacity for relatively low cost when compared to some other types of gearing.

The use of worm gearing extends across many industries including food, beverage and grain and has many applications. Some applications that utilize worm gearing are: conveyors, mixers and bucket elevators.

Raider Plus worm gear reducers represent the most flexible worm gear product in the Power Transmission Solutions portfolio. With a large variety of add-on accessories, the Raider Plus line of worm gear reducers is a problem solver.
PoweRgear reducers are constructed of rugged casting iron housings, precision gears, high performance bearings and large shafts. These design features combine to provide a high capacity product.
This is a range of worm and worm/helical right angle enclosed gearing available as gearmotors and C-face reducers. They offer torque capacities up to 3,500 inch pounds. Housing designs include footed and flanged configurations.